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THCa Flower and THCa Hashish

Flowers are frozen immediately after harvest to preserve the live essence of the cannabis plant, and those frozen buds are later transferred into the ice water vessel when it’s time to extract the resin glands. To create our Live Bubble hash crumble.

QR 4- 1500 mg

QR 4-1000 mg

QR 4- 500 mg and 250 mg

250 mg Tincture

500 mg Tincture

250 mg Tincture= 15 ml or .5 oz

500 mg Tincture= 30 ml or 1 oz

1000 mg Tincture= 30 ml or 1 oz

1500 mg Tincture= 30 ml or 1 oz

3000 mg Tincture= 60 ml or 2 oz; (thus 1 3000 mg tincture is 2 1500 mg tinctures combined into a larger bottle.)



1000 mg Tinture

500 MG

QR 3

Grown by us made by us. Ask your current supplier if they can say that...