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All products are 3rd party Lab tested for potency. ( mg CBD per mL of oil)

250 mg Tincture

500 mg Tincture

250 mg Tincture= 15 ml or .5 oz

500 mg Tincture= 30 ml or 1 oz

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To calculate total CBD for 500mg tincture multiply Max Active CBD (22.7mg/ml)(30ml)= 681 mg CBD. The 250 mg tincture would be 1/2 of the 500 mg tincture or 340 mg because its volume is 1/2 the size.

1000 mg Tinture

1000 mg

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34.05 mg/ml X 30 ml=1021.5 mg CBD

1500 mg tincture

3000 mg tincture

1500 mg Tincture

3000 mg Tincture

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50.48 mg/ml X 30 ml= 1514 mg CBD

1500 mg

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1000 mg

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500 MG

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About 15 years ago my wife had an automobile accidentthat whiped out the cartilage in her right ankle.

She suffered for all of those years. We've tried many things since then to help her with little success. Then we found Farm Life Hemp CBD oil. Its been nothing short of miraculous.

Her pain is significantly reduced and her life outlook is tremendiously better. 

She is a much happier person day in and day out. We highly reccomend the product.

Ted,  Georgia